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It was not just a tour, it was a real experience! I rarely make an effort to get acquainted in advance with the history of the places I visit, because I'm too lazy, I guess :) I usually just go visit different places, have a look around, make a few photos for my social media and go back home.

This time it was a completely different and new experience for me! I want to thank our excellent tour guide Thomas, who during our 2-hour ride on the train and on our way to the castle managed to tell us the whole history behind the castle building, the life story of Ludwig II, and all stories behind the beautiful murals in the castle in such lively and memorable way, that when we finally entered the different chambers I could actually understand what I saw and feel the fairy-tale atmosphere of the place and experience it in a meaningful way.

Now my memories of the place are inseparable from the sad story of Tristan and Isolde and their tragic love, brave knights of the Holy Grail and the once jester-like Parsival growing up to finally show compassion. I can clearly see in my mind the brave swan knight Lohengrin coming on his boat to save Elsa and I secretly laugh thinking about Tannhäuser in Venus' cave.

Tatyana M
March 2024

The castle tour was a great experience, and I think that it would be difficult to not enjoy. However, Thomas truly made the experience unforgettable. Without him, it would not have been nearly as enjoyable. His passion for the topic, his knowledge, and his eagerness to share it with us made the entire trip amazing. His passion was contagious and got me more excited about everything. I can’t express how awesome he is.

Andrew R

June 2024

Definitely Thomas being there to talk about the stories was the most valuable part of the day. Knowing the stories ahead of the tour was also a huge help and made me appreciate the tour so much more than if I didn’t know what was happening in the rooms. I appreciated that Thomas did his absolute best to make the tour interesting for everyone, even people who might not enjoy history. He really did a great job make the day a blast.

Matthew W

June 2024

I think we got really lucky with Thomas as our guide and it is hard to say goodbye to that. I don’t think that he could have done any better. He is really good at this and knowing that he enjoys what he’s doing carries over. I hope he recognizes that what he is providing is a form of artistry. He is a great balance to the droll and hastened inner tour of the castle. I just want him to know that what he’s doing is working and provides context to what is seen in the Castle and his appreciation of it shows.

Lauren T

June 2024

Thomas is the best tour guide we have had on our European tour.

Lara E

June 2024


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